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My Family...the fruit of the womb is HIS reward...Ps. 127:3
Next to the Lord Jesus Christ, my family on this page are the best thing that ever happen to me.
I pray that you briefly enjoy this page, as much as I enjoy those on here.

Mr. Glenn Hamilton Lorde II

This is my firstborn son, Glenn. He, (and my other two sons), are miracle births.

I was pronounced sterile after the birth of my daughter, but I prayed and told the Lord if He was real, to please heal me and bless me with a son. I told Him I would serve Him, if He would show me how.

The Lord healed me, and blessed me with THREE sons...now unto Him who is able to do EXCEEDINGLY abundantly above all that we ask, or think...Eph. 3: 20. AMEN!!!

Mr. Antoine Givon Lorde

This is my middle son, Antoine.

He is the comedian/actor of the family, and I am godly proud of him, also. He has been a joy to my life and it is hard to believe he is all grown up.

Mr. S. Terrell Lorde

This is my youngest, and he graduated this year, Hallelujah!!! He is an awesome "rapper", and has laid down some serious lyrics for the Lord.

I love ALL my children very much, and I thank the Lord for them. He has used them in my life to help me to grow, and to understand His love for me.

Mr. Joel Dawkins

As soon as he sends me a photo, I will add my son in the Lord here, my daughter's husband.

He has been a blessed addition to my family since the time of his arrival, and I am so glad he is here. I prayed regarding a mate for my daughter when she was very young, and the Lord answered my prayers in this man.

My firstborn, Mrs. Nakia Dawkins

Nakia has been saved, and full of the Holy Ghost since she was 6 years old, (Praise the Name of our God)! She is the wife of Joel Dawkins, and the mother of my most beautiful grandbabies, (there are 4 of them), which she home-schools, while having her own gift basket business, I will post the address below, (and you can just "click" on it to go there).

A Good and Perfect Gift

These are my grandbabies, and I thank my daughter, and her husband for having them, for me!

I love them so much, and I am one blessed grandmom.

Mr. David Dawkins

Mr. Mikael Dawkins

Lady Rachael Dawkins

Mr. Titus Dawkins


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