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Civil War in the Church
Prophetess Ashanti

Praise the Lord, Saints of the Most High God! I had a dream/vision on May 30th, 1999, which I would like to share with you-all. I feel it is a revelation for the Body of Christ. I was on a journey and I stopped at an old fashioned gas station, which had a little store and a house behind the pumps. I was meeting a lady there, and we decided to get something to eat at the store. The lady said she wanted to go into the house. There was a little, narrow, porch leading to the front door of the house, and I decided to sit there and finish my snack while she went inside.
I sat there looking out into the street, at some point I looked away and when I looked back out, the whole scene had changed. Instead of gas pumps and a street, there was a huge field of tall wheat for as far as I could see. I heard what I thought was a storm, but when I looked to my left, I saw a huge "wave" of sand rolling through the field heading my way. Fear gripped me, but the wave went by and didn't effect where I was sitting. Then there was a huge earthquake, which re-aligned the structure of the ground. I saw "plates", or sheets of rock shift and rise several feet above the doorway of the porch area. When everything cleared, it seemed peaceful. Then I saw a beautiful clear blue sky, and I saw a small plane fall into the grass. I thought it was a toy until I looked up in the sky again.
Now the sky was full of airplanes of various sizes, all flying in different directions, very confused. Some seem to try not to hit others, but still they crashed into each other and fell to the ground in flames. I started to run into the house to get someone to come see, but felt in my spirit to continue watching.
Suddenly, the world spread out before me like a huge life-size globe. I could see continents, oceans, mountains, everything and it all was in clear, vivid colors. Then I saw two armies marching toward each other from opposite sides of the globe. Although planes were flying in the sky, the armies were dressed in uniforms from the Civil War. The army to the left was in grey (confederates), and the army to the right was in blue (union).
One of the leaders saw me watching and stopped to get a closer look at me (seemed I was in the sky). He then called several other soldiers over to shoot at me. Their weapons looked "cartoonish" to me, like stick figure guns, but the soldiers assembled as ordered, aiming their guns at me. The leader yelled, "FIRE", then I woke up... The Interpretation:
The Bible says. . the field is the world. . and the good seed (wheat) represents the sons of the Kingdom...(Matt. 13: 38). The sand represents carnality, or "flesh". The wheat was very tall which represents maturity. What I saw was a move of carnality or "flesh" throughout the world, even the mature saints, so much so, until it scared me. I believe that is where we were up until the end of 1999, especially here in this early part of the year 2000.
Then the earthquake, the Lord said. Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven. Now this, 'Yet once more" indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken. . that those things, which cannot be shaken, may remain. . (Hebrews 12:26-27). The Lord is ready to shake everything, especially His Body, and the result of that shaking will be a re-aligning of structure. People, (rock...Matt. 16: 18), who have the true revelation of Jesus Christ, which have been hidden, (underground-I Kings 6:7), will come forth after this shaking, and the Lord will elevate them. Then there will be peace for a season, but the Lord is not finished, for a part of the Lord's army will come from these.
The airplanes... whenever I see vehicles of any kind in my dreams/visions, they represent the means of getting to one's destiny or purpose. These airplanes represent "vehicles" or ministries that were intended to take us higher, but they were flying in confusion. Now airplanes get their instructions from a "control tower" which "sees" better than they do. These planes were either not obeying their instructions, or faulty in some way where they were not receiving their instructions, but at any rate, they were confused, crashing, and falling, and the small ones were the first to fall.
Now the armies, which I saw. I believe a civil war will come within the Body of Christ. This is not uncommon because when any disease-producing element infiltrates the system of our natural body, antibodies, are produced to neutralize, destroy, or otherwise counteract the disease. (Also note they are called "anti-bodies", and one would think they were against the body when actually they are there to help the body). The Body of Christ has been infiltrated with the doctrines of men, which have produced spiritual slavery. The Lord will initiate a civil war to set His people free, (Matt. 10:34-39). The blue army was to the right, and the right side represents the authority of God. Those fighting in this army will have the authority of God on their side. A part of this army came out of the shaking, and is those who are standing on the Word of God and not the doctrines of men. (John 5:39/ Acts 17:11/ II Tim.2: 15).
The grey army is those who are fighting to maintain their present lifestyle on the spiritual slavery of the people of God. One of the leaders 'saw" me, and stopped fighting to assemble those to shoot at me. Some will rise up against the true "Prophets of God" because we are the ones who "see" when things are out of order in the Body of Christ, and bring correction, discipline, and order back among the people. Their weapons looked "cartoonish" to me because the Bible says... no weapon formed against us shall prosper . . .Isaiah 54: 17.
Which side will you be on, Saints? Your knowledge of the Word of God will determine that, are you following the truth of God's word, or the doctrines of men? (Matt. 15:7- 14/Mark 7:6-9).


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