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The Eagles

"On the horizon I saw a great white cloud approaching.
Hope rose within me just by seeing it.
Soon it had filled the atmosphere with hope
just as the sun rising chases away the darkness of night.
As it grew closer I recognized the great white eagles
that had flown from the Tree of Life.
They began landing on the mountain,
taking their place on every level
besides the companies of warriors.

I carefully approached the eagle
who had landed near me
because his presence was so awesome.
When he looked at me with penetrating eyes,
I knew I could hide nothing from him.
His eyes were so fierce and resolute...
Before I could even ask, he answered me.

"You want to know who we are.
We are the hidden prophets who have been kept for this hour.
We are the "eyes of those who have been
given the divinely powerful weapons.
We have been shown all that the Lord is doing,
and all that the enemy is planning against you.
We have scoured the earth and together
we know all that needs to be known for
the battle".

"Did you not see the battle that just took place?"
I asked with as much irritation as I dared to express.
"Couldn't you have helped those warriors that were just taken captive?"

"Yes. We saw it all,
and we could have helped
if THEY had wanted our help.
We would have helped them by holding them back,
telling them to sit and be still.
But we can ONLY fight in the battles that
the FATHER commands,
and we can only help those who believe in us.
Only those who receive us as what we are,
the prophets, can receive the prophets reward,
or the benefit of our services.

Those who were ambushed
did not yet have the mantle that you are wearing,
and those who do not have the mantle
can not understand who we are.
We all need one another, including these here
who are still wounded, and many others
who you do not yet know."

The Heart of the Eagle

As I talked to the eagle I started to think like him.
After this short discussion I could see into the eagles heart
and I could know him just like he knew me,
The eagle recognized this.
"You have some of our gifts," the eagle noted,
"though they are not very well developed.
You have not used them much.
I am here to awaken these gifts in you,
and many others like you,
and I will teach you how to use them.

In this way our communication will be sure.
It must be sure, or we will all suffer
many unnecessary losses not to mention
missing many great opportunities for victory."

"Where did you just come from?" I asked.

"WE EAT SNAKES," the eagle replied
"The ENEMY is bread for us.
Our sustenance comes from doing the Father's WILL,
which is to DESTROY the works of the devil.
Every snake that we eat helps to increase our VISION.
Every stronghold of the enemy that we tear STRENGTHENS us
so we can soar higher and stay in the air longer.
We have just come from a feast,
devouring the serpents of Shame
who have bound many of your brothers and sisters.

They will be here soon.
They are coming with the eagles we left behind
to help them find the way,
and to protect them from the enemies counterattacks."

These eagles were very sure of themselves, but not cocky.
They knew who they were, and
what they were called to do.
They also knew us and knew their future.

Their confidence was reassuring to me,
but even more so to the wounded that were lying all around us.
Those who had recently been too weak to talk,
were actually sitting up listening
to my conversation with the eagle".

From "The Final Quest"
by Rick Joyner
pgs 58-60

I pray, and believe God, that you will be blessed by all that is written on this site.

I pray that the "spirit of the breaker"...Micah 2:13, will be released into every life that enters into this site, breaking up everything that is not like our God. I pray that every stronghold is pulled down, and that every thought is brought into the obedience of Christ...II Cor. 10: 4-5.

I pray that every person will be healed, delivered, and set free, released into the purpose and destiny of the mind of God, which has been ordained from the foundation of the world.


Oh, by the way...

"Do YOU want a revolution?"...Acts 17:6b

You can REST when you DIE...Is. 62: 6-7/Rev 6:9

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