let the prophets speak

Spiritual Poetry

by Clay F
How my mind staggers to comprehend
That the enemy is driven as chaff before the wind
Stripped naked of the armor he once wore
Over God's children has he power no more
The worm of Jacob has now been made
A sharpened threshing tool this day
To beat the mountains of life so small
That nothing can hinder God's will at all
The enemy now before the whirlwind carried
As the Spirit moves no longer to tarry
Scattering the enemy before His face
As He fights for us in such power and grace
That in the battle none dare stand
For He has made us a threshing fan
Opened Salvation's well of life
That we may enter to live without strife
Our Savior and God has made this day
A more wondrous promise in which we stay
Covered in the blood of the Lamb
God Himself fights for us while we stand
In loving faith we may inherit our land
Prepared by God's sovereign hand
The enemy before the wind driven like chaff
For the Lord looks at him and laughs
'Tis true! he is defeated this very hour
A deceiving coward o'er whom we have power
If we dare to believe the Word of God
To truly believe and not think it as odd
That we really have passed from the law of death
And are alive in Christ to enter His rest
To possess the promises in His Word spoken
Understanding the spirit is down payment and token
In Jesus we have the power to live
And receive every promise the Father gives
Only deception and doubt can stand in the way
Of our entering His Promise this very day
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